Phantom Road Rage

High Weirdness, Thin Places


MARCH 10, 2011

Back in high school, I would spend a lot of the evenings cruising the backroads with friends. Grindcore music, blasting. This particular time, it has just turned dark out. We had been driving for a while, as one of our favorite bands released a new album (it was customary to listen to the entire thing while out on a drive). Mind you, we weren’t driving slow either. Metal music, fast cars. Goes hand in hand. Soon, we see headlights in the rearview mirror. I turn around, and this car is quickly approaching us. Like…too quickly. The driver of this trailing vehicle started blaring the horn. BEEP! BEEEEEEEEEP! Is this an emergency? Or are they seriously road raging out right now? Whatever the case, the driver of our vehicle finds a semi-safe place to pull off the road, fearing being rear-ended or eating the ditch. Here’s where it gets really strange: no car passes us. The bright lights? Gone. Horn? Silence. We’re puzzled. The driver decides to backtrack, worried the other driver may have wrecked. Luckily, we had a spotlight in the backseat. We slowly creep down the road, checking the ditches and driveways. Nothing. The driver decides to then turn around once more, and quickly gains speed toward the place we pulled over. As we pass it, we accelerate even higher in speed. We want to try and catch up, just in case the car happened to pass us with their lights out/horn off (even though having both operating for seconds prior). We found nothing.

Submitted by Bex