Full-body Apparition

Randonaut, Straight Up Ghosts


SEPTEMBER 25, 2021

My friend and I loaded up a void point on Randonautica with the intention of seeing a ‘ghost’. We pulled up to a stop sign near the high school and there was a car parked in front of us at the stop sign across from us which had been there for some time.. not moving for unknown reasons. We then both saw what looked like a walking apparition cross the front of the vehicles headlights (this is at night) but it never crossed the entire walkway. The apparition even blocked the light coming from the headlights. At first we thought maybe the car switched drivers.. but the cab lights never came on.. nor did we see any doors open during this event. The vehicle then turned and drive away slowly. After this event my skeptic friend asked if I had seen it. I said yes.. congratulations on seeing your first full body apparition. We didn’t even make it to the void point because it was inaccessible and we weren’t even filming yet. I feel like that was the event we/he was meant to experience.

Submitted by Modern Mystics