High Weirdness Home and Cemetery

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The house I lived in from birth until about age 10 had a cemetery on its property. While there was one “recent” grave from the Vietnam War, almost all the rest dated back much further from between the late 1800s-early 1900s. For as long as I can remember I felt presences within the house and spent a good amount of time in the graveyard. While I never saw any physical apparitions there I always knew that I was never alone, although I always felt very comfortable with whatever I sensed around me. The home also had several acres of forest, and on numerous occasions I would see white animals watching me from just inside the tree lines. Several times it was a very large long-haired dog and another time it was a deer, but the animals would always be pure white and simply standing there motionless looking towards me/the house for a few moments before they would suddenly be gone. While living here I also had several dreams where I was visited by a being that appeared like a young boy around my age. We never spoke that I can remember, but twice when I saw him he gave me an item that I then went on to actually receive in the physical world- both times through my grandmother. The first was an antique polaroid camera and the second was a necklace. After my family moved I never dreamt of this being again.

Submitted by Leo