Weird Field

Thin Places


1992 (APPROX.)

I lived on the street in question as a kid in the nineties. And let me tell you, that whole place is Weird. Thin Place: One overcast spring day when I was a little kid I decided to hunt for golf balls. There was a golf course on the main road that sometimes if you brought a bunch of golf balls back to the owner would give you a dollar. I was hunting around and had a couple in my pockets already when I saw one under a bush in the backyard of a house- it’s backyard faced downhill – i knew this area as I’ve played with kids the street below. So here’s the weird part; there was sunlight under that bush. I didn’t register it being weird until I got closer. I crawled under this juniper (maybe idk) bush and was going to grab the golf ball when I realized it was way brighter than it had been. I looked up and I couldn’t understand what I was seeing. It was a rolling field of green grass. Now I mentioned a bit ago, there is a hill, and a street below where I was. It had houses- this s field was completely empty. As a little kid I thought ‘ oh cool I found a shortcut to the golf course!’ . But I also knew that wasn’t quite right either. The golf course didn’t have a low dip in the bottom and the grass here was long and lush. There was a low stone wall running along the lowest portion of the field and I could also see a wooden gate. I remember really wanting to go touch that wall to see if it was real. I wasn’t sure if I should because this was so odd and I was on a golf ball mission. I was about to get up and run to the wall to touch it when I heard my mom calling me. I turned away from that weird field and took the golf ball that was right on the edge of both places. I’m sad to say I don’t think I have it anymore either. I have other weird stories from living there but this was the first and only thin place I experienced. I tried to go back to that field years later and instead I walked into a neighbor’s stepped garden, the field wasn’t there and the house was extremely obvious from the area I had been. Unfortunately you can’t go back there anymore as the current owners put a fence around their property line.

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