“Like Tinkerbell”

Thin Places


JULY 29-30, 2021

I was house/cat sitting for friends in a house that I have always felt was haunted. Normally it’s just the cats staring at something moving around in the hall, heck I’ve even walked into it, without being too disturbed. I have housesat many times here, but this time everything seemed “off”. The older cat, who was formerly feral, kept trying to get out of the house. I chalked it up to it being summer. The second thing was I woke up one morning to find the door to the yard wide open. I had checked it the night before, It was locked. Now the door was wide open, and BOTH cats were inside. The older cat would have been outside like a flash if she had seen it. I was shaken, but the next night was the weirdest. I woke up at about 3:45 to see a light in the room. Half asleep, I lifted my head up to see a light shining on a shelf in the room I was in. After a second it blinked out. I laid down again and in my half-awake brain thought ” Like Tinkerbell”, I rolled over then really woke up. This time I only opened my eyes. The light was back, with no light source or even a place for a light. I could see the light shining through the plastic container on the shelf, and the shadow that was cast by the framed picture on the shelf. There was only the tiniest space behind it. I sat up and again the light blinked out, this time it didn’t come back. I still have no idea what it was, except it seems to have gone now

Submitted by Janet B.