Disappearing Man

High Weirdness


NOVEMBER 30, 2020

I was at Whole Foods to pick up an Amazon package because they have the pickup lockers right outside the entrance in the parking garage. I walked up to the lockers and there was a guy standing right in front of the lockers just staring straight ahead. He didn’t acknowledge me so I asked him if he needs help. Nothing! Didn’t seem like he heard me at all, just kept staring ahead, not blinking or moving. I decided to go inside the store to get an employee so they can call for medical/police help and also so I can safely get my package. While talking with the employee, another shopper overheard me and said “I’m glad you said something cause I saw him when I came in and thought it was creepy and that was about 20 minutes ago” The employee came out with me and asked the man to leave, but he just kept staring. I get my package then get in my car which is parked right in front so I can still see him. I saw the employee go back inside, probably to call for help. I looked down for maybe three seconds to start my car, looked back up AND HE WAS GONE! I saw the employee come back out looking confused. He started walking around the parking garage to see where the guy went. Couldn’t find him. There’s no where he could have gone in the few seconds I was looking away. There was only a few other cars in the garage, none of which were occupied. The man was clean cut, well dressed, and didn’t look to be on drugs or in distress. He just simply vanished after standing and staring at the same spot for 30+ minutes. Time traveler? Ghost? Dimension jumper? It still haunts me to this day.

Submitted by Nicole