Southaven Rental House

Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Thin Places



We sold our home and needed a short rental and were having a hard time getting to see a place before someone took it out from under us. This created a sense of urgency and so the next available property that we came across, we just put down a deposit in the hopes it would work out for the short term before really looking at it. We moved into what I would consider a liminal space. For one, we were transitioning in our lives, and in my opinion, rentals are inherently liminal because of their non-permanent nature. Our family of six settled in well. The house had many quirks with old wiring, do-it-yourself renovations with switches in weird places. The backyard was small but big enough for a nice patio and two huge trees. One was a beautiful tulip poplar tree that was about ten feet in diameter and a smaller tree that I had forgotten was even there until I looked the property up again for this write up. At this rental we had a good bit of paranormal activity and personally my first. There was something that lurked in the hallway and front living room which was used as my art studio. There was multiple black shadow creature sightings by everyone in the house. I even caught the voice of something on video by accident once. We had objects thrown across the room from off the mantle and the kids were unsettled in the home. The most bizarre of all the encounters were by me and like I said, my first real encounters with something. I awoke one night in a panic by my youngest child aged one year screaming an ungodly “I’m terrified” scream. If you are a parent, you may know the difference between cries. This was a scared cried. Our bed was positioned against the wall, and I slept on the inner side with my daughter between me and my husband who was on the outside of the bed. When I looked, my daughter was sitting upright in the bed staring at the wall behind me while screaming as though something was terrible on the wall nearer the foot of the bed. I was on my right side facing her and had to life myself up and turn toward the wall to find what she was staring at in such a terrified state. Immediately I saw a large, busted hole in the wall like an opening to an underground tunnel with the dim light from our room illuminating just the interior of the hole. In the quickest movement I leaped up with my daughter in hands and jumped over my husband to get as far away from the hole as possible, but when I landed on the other side of the bed and turned back to awaken my husband there was nothing but bare wall again. No hole. I immediately felt crazy for as terrified I had been, but there was that look on my child’s face that was unmistakable. and that haunting scream that awoke me. She had seen something, and it spooked her. I know what I saw and by now my husband had awoken and was looking bewildered at me. It felt strange trying to explain it to him and it seemed so far out that it was hard for him to believe me. A few days passed and I awaken in the bed one morning. My husband has gone to work and I am on the outer edge of the bed with my daughter in the center. I am on my back and open my eyes to see what looks like a spider dropping from the ceiling directly above my face. Spider was my immediate thought, but my eyes continued to focus on the dark object before me trying to use lighting and shadow to determine how large and far away it was. I can only speculate that my brain tried to figure out what it was seeing when it didn’t have a context to define the shape. It took only a few seconds of focus to see that it was no spider, but a small undulating ball of something. It was a plasma-like substance not like smoke. It was more solid than vapor. When I started to try to examine it more deeply it was as if it sensed that I was looking at it and actually seeing it. Like we saw each other as if glancing into someones eyes and you quickly turn away. It did just that, it quickly flew out the window above my bed and into the backyard. I jumped up and looked out back but saw nothing. I never saw it again. I would like to add that during our stay at this house and before these occurrences, I had begun writing, what felt like automatically, a book. The book dealt with fae lore, and I was beginning deep research into the subject of the fae and changelings in particular. I seriously felt like both experiences were warnings to stop my meddling. I quit writing that book and we moved out of the rental after our year was up, but not before buying a house in the same neighborhood, because we really fell in love with the area. We had lots more experiences at the new location, but never the plasma ball. I will never forget these experiences because they were so vivid and real to me. They are memorialized as tangible happenings in my experience as a human. Even though I stopped the book, it started me on a much more intensive journey into the paranormal and otherworldly genre of encounters. Link to video about voice captured on video at this location.

Submitted by Christina