Smoke Manifestation

High Weirdness, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


MARCH 2020

I usually open the Bible drawer in every hotel I go into, always has been a habit of mine no idea why lol but, my mom and I got in our hotel room and got settled in, started relaxing after the drive and I was sitting on my bed and she was sitting on hers when I leaned over and opened the drawer as she watched, I only opened it a little when a tendril of smoke came out of it and she and I looked at each other super confused and she leaned over and opened it the rest of the way and more smoke came out and the Bible was just sitting there all my mom could smell was cigarettes and all I could smell was the hotel room, the thing is there’s no possible explanation, it was just a normal bedside table, no USB ports or anything fancy just a normal table, if it were the housekeepers playing a prank the smoke would’ve disappeared in the time it took us to settle. I will always remember this experience.

Submitted by Faith R