Shiny Guy

Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places


2018-2019 (APPROXIMATE)

I frequently walk Lincoln Park with my dogs. I love the atmosphere, and the energies – woods and water/ocean all blend making it truly a liminal spot, and it’s rare to NOT encounter some sort of being or spirit in my walks. Because I’ve been so often these places are familiar, and the encounters frequent. They aren’t overt, indeed most are quite subtle. Earth and animal spirits abound there, but they are unlikely to be noticed by most. It does have it’s darker regions. Areas where I’ve sensed heavy energies from – events, spirits, elementals. Again, these are subtle, but there. While most who aren’t in tune to these energies might brush it off as a passing chill or just imagination, those who are sensitive will easily recognize these for what they are – beings and energies that carry elements of pain, or grief, or…? I did encounter one male spirit multiple times over the course of about a year. He declined to self-identify, but referred to me as “Shiny Girl” the times I encountered him, so in return I dubbed him “Shiny Guy” even though he was anything but when I first “met” him. He found the irony of it humorous. Over the course of a year I would run into Shiny Guy from time to time. Initially, he tried to be frightening. Then he tried taunting. It frustrated, then amused him that I was neither scared or reactive to his attempts. He would tell me he did “bad things” and that he stayed here because a lot them took place in those woods. He liked to relive the memories and he liked to scare people by projecting heavy energies like fear. The impression I got was that he’d been there since the 1980’s or thereabouts. He wouldn’t give me a date, like he wouldn’t give his name. But he showed himself as he was back then. He was on the taller side, about 5’11”, on the skinnier side. He usually presented as wearing a baggy white tank top, and baggy dark jeans. They sagged on a frame that had very little to it – his shoulder bones were visible and his hips nonexistent. His cheekbones were prominent because his cheeks looked hollow, with dark circles under dark eyes, and rough stubble on a thin, pointy chin. His hair dark and kind of thin and stringy. He did not look like he was very healthy in life. Eventually, he crossed over, and I’ve not encountered him for a couple years. I like to think he’s moved on to better places. Lincoln Park remains one of my favorite places to this day. A truly magical place to reconnect with Earth.

Submitted by Serena D