Mason Schoolhouse

Straight Up Ghosts


NOVEMBER 8, 2021

Went here with my husband to look for anything odd and strange, I heard this area could very well be haunted (it’s old with original buildings from the 1800’s) plus this area has the famous Whaley house that is haunted (we went but no spooks). I’ve seen spirits since I was little and I enjoy the thrill of “ghost hunting” type things so we went to this schoolhouse that is the first in the area back then and I start taking pictures, I watch a channel that made contact with a spirit there so I started using her name from that video (name is Lacy) and I invite anything to show up on my pictures if it wanted to. Well I got some pictures I can’t explain and I believe it’s her or another curious spirit peaking from behind a tress at us. We didn’t see anything in person but when we looked at the pics we found a few that stood out.

Submitted by Jess C