Liminal Office

Thin Places, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



I remember a place in my house that apparently never existed. it’s a place that used to be behind the hallway wall. it was an all beige office, with 5 or 6 desks exactly the same color as the wall. it had a few cabinets and papers and typewriters, all the same shade of beige. I have a very strong memory of that place, the smell of a closed library, even my grandfather was there, sitting in one of the chairs on the left. however, it seems that office never actually existed. there was a room there, but it was much smaller and narrower. wasn’t beige and had been closed off before I was born. I never admitted that was just my imagination, it’s a very vivid memory, and I don’t even have many childhood memories, so I decided to tell it here. a bonus: I’ve dreamed a few times with the 2nd floor of my house totally different from what it is. unfortunately it’s very difficult to describe. the structure wasn’t much different from the real one, but the colors were more vibrant (the only exact color I could remember was a kind of dark fluorescent blue) and the hallways were bigger. there were also a few creatures and various random objects, like oddly shaped vases and colorful rugs hanging on the walls, and the libraries had secret passages to nondescript places. the last time i dreamed about that was like 4 years ago. they were different dreams, but the place was basically the same.

Submitted by tsukiRio de Janeiro