Carter Caves State Resort Park

Thin Places, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


MARCH 6, 2020

Myself and 6 friends (a coven at the time,) went here to look for something although we didn’t know what. We were aware that where we were is very close to a crossing of a ley line, that’s why we were there. What we doing expect was that 4 of us would simultaneously wake up having a panic attack at 4 in the morning. I would run across the hall, leaving my bedmate, to escort my friend into bed with us as the hallway was terrifying. It feel like a blizzard had hit the hallways even though it was March and relatively warm. The energy was so high and I just don’t think any of us could comprehend it so our bodies were panicking as the only way it could. I grabbed the friend who was sitting up, shaking, and brought them quickly through the threshold where 3 of us sat, shaking for about an hour before the rest had woken up and joined us. We all braved the hallway together and went into the main room and made a circle of candles and sat in it holding hands. We meditated together, and practiced divination, and I wish I still had my book today to document the things we had seen and experience, but it’s 200 miles away right now. Our dowsing rods and EMF detector were going insane and we sat together in this circle watching the world warp around us. Later on we experienced a separate, less vague phenomena in a cave, but I’ll save that for the others to write. They’ll know it when they read this. The feeling was like having 1000 batteries pumping energy into the room. Like a lightning strike. Everything was so high energy and the contrast was all the way up. At that moment we could have ruled the world.

Submitted by Kenn D