Angry Lodge Ghost

Straight Up Ghosts



A man died in this year (2021) from a heart attack in lodge number 3. He was always angry and hated everyone as staff describes him. He likes to come out when its dark outside and hates the light. It could be a poltergeist bcs of how often it would move stuff even if youre in front of it. He likes to get attention by knocking or scratching on doors and floors or moving your chair and tugging on your blankets. Sometimes he even throws stuff. But he only does it when the lights are completely off in the cabin. If its not he does it outside and gets angry he cant come in. I dont have videos bcs I was rly scared. With good reason bcs of just how strong he was. I was his target while staying there and luckily it didnt follow me when I left. Also the man is described as a pitch black figure. He’s the real deal(I’m really not kidding). You can even hear him walking at night. The floor is made of wood so it creaks. It actually sounds like he’s bearfoot too. And also likes messing up showers by throwing the bottles and opening and closing the taps.

Submitted by Illze H