Paranormal Prosser House

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places, Time Distortions


1976 – ONGOING

Ghosts, ouija board spirits, shadow figures, owls and missing time (?). This place is a hot bed for it all. Active since 1976. It is the home I grew up in. Activity has increased since both parents have passed. My father built the house. Three people have passed there. My mother saw spirits and orbs after a near death experience. She even saw a ghostly image of herself beside my grandmother’s ghost. After she passed, my dad saw her ghost walking up the stairs. I saw a shadow figure that looked as though it could be my dad on the same set of stairs after he passed. On the anniversary of his memorial, while at the house my phone turned on and played the song I placed on his memorial video. My nephew and I have both been awakened to a woman singing at different times. Both of us followed the voice to the basement where it stopped. Both of us have experienced time slowing down in the basement after seeing something that was translucent but made things behind it move with fluid-like waves. The list goes on and continues to grow today.

Submitted by Gary’s Scaries