Mystery Grandma

Time Distortions


2008 (APPROX.)

I had moved back in with my father after my divorce for a short period of time into the house that my family had built and I had grown up in. My Dad was a long haul truck driver and needed someone to watch it while he was on the road. It was a country house with no close neighbors. No cell signal even..My parents divorced and my Mom hadn’t been at the house for a few years and she refused to even get close to the house after the divorce. I was sitting in the living room helping my girls get ready to leave and heard what I thought was static on a radio even though I had nothing on in the house we’d shut everything off since we had to leave..then I heard my Mom call for me and she had a specific way of calling for me she’d always like sang my name out like “Laaaanaaaa” just her way of getting my attention when I was little and I’d not heard her sing my name since I was little, I looked at my daughter like did you just hear that and she went “Grandma!!” and got super excited to see Grandma. I looked at her and said that’s not Grandma and I hurried her to leave. I even called my Mom once I was back into cell range and asked if she had like stopped by she’s like no I have been at work all day wasn’t me. To this day I still can’t find a logical reason as to what happened, I assume it was a time distortion I’m not sure?

Submitted by Lona