Eldritch Horror Sounds

Dark Forces, High Weirdness


OCTOBER 8, 2021

My daughter and I were out at Lake Waxahachie tonight, Friday, 10/8/2021 about 8:30pm, and heard two very unearthly sounds that either came from across the lake, or from up underneath it. They were deep, resonant, and visceral sounds that seem to have no explanation and were felt in the pit of our stomachs as much as heard. The sounds happened twice, about 5 minutes apart, and lasted about 5 seconds each. There were no boats out on that side of the lake, no jet skiers, and the sound came from east/slightly south of us. The first time we heard/felt it, we moved as far towards the sound as we could- from over by the playground to out on the end of the pier/boat launch area, and we were able to record the second sound on a cell phone. The second sound left us with a deeply uneasy feeling that dissipated after we left and as we approached downtown to go home. There are no houses in the direction we heard the sounds and car sounds as they pass on Howard Road are very different sounding from what we heard. There were other people at the park and on the beach, 3 other groups of folks, but after the second sound, everyone cleared out quickly. My daughter described the sounds as being “eldritch cosmic horror.” We played the recorded sound for my husband when we got home, and he said he had no idea what it was, that the sound defied explanation. I’ve Googled around and can’t find any mention of them online.

Submitted by CLC