Dreams in the Old Schoolhouse

Visions, Dreams, Etc.


FALL 2014

There is a house in Index, WA that sits on the site of the old schoolhouse. The living room floor is made out of the boards of the long ago classroom. There is a old wooden sled upon which the music system rests. I am a heavy dreamer & will often talk in my sleep. This amuses my husband to no end. He usually will let it play out without waking me. Sometimes he gets curious & he will ask a question. I can & do answer but usually have little memory of the conversation later. At this house, I always end up giggling or laughing in my sleep. He asked me once what was funny. I looked at him, smiled and said “The children are so happy. They are playing outside in the snow. It’s always recess now.” and boom. Back to sleep. Husband not so much. Spent half the night, listening to the river, wondering if his wife was still playing with the ghost children in her sleep. In the morning, I remembered this vividly. He asked if I was frightened. I am not a fan of spooky things. Not this place. We were unable to have children in this life but we always have our ghost kiddos. They are doing fine. It’s always a snow day for the long ago children of Avenue A. It’s an incredible peaceful place & I always feel like I am going home once I hit Highway 2. I am not a Christian. I still always stop at the church by the wayside, a free one person church in a farm field on the way up. It feels like an a necessity.

Submitted by Angel