A Very Strange Chain of Events

High Weirdness, Thin Places, Time Distortions, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


MARCH 23, 2012

I was around 7 or 8 years old when this happened, but I still have a vivid memory of it. I live in New Mexico, but have a lot of family in Washington, so we go up there to visit every once in a while. On one of these visits, my mom decided she wanted to go to Forks, being a fan of Twilight. We chose to drive from Seattle, WA to Forks, and ended up going through the Olympic National Park. It was a nice forest, super pretty and all. At one point, we stopped at a museum in basically the middle of the forest, because I was a bored kid and my parents figured we should get something to eat. We tried asking for food recommendations, and were sent to a local pizza place. There was a convenience store attached to it. A very strange chain of events went down that honestly none of us can explain. We tried ordering pizza, but the staff were weird, confusing, and hardly seemed to know what they were doing. They had to get a diagram drawn of a half cheese, half pepperoni pizza to be able to understand what we wanted. They were trying incredibly hard to sell us something called “gaten puffs” and called three cups of the exact same size different sizes. They hardly seemed like real people. We got our pizza, and it was the wrong pizza. Then they just took it from us after a while of us poking it and put it down on another table. The bathroom was a whole other world. The floor was warped, and it appeared to have once been a sauna, because the light switch was just a knob on the wall that had been painted over. It was unsettling, and as a kid who had an independence complex and didn’t want my parents helping me with anything, I wasn’t willing to go in alone. And that’s what was weird, nothing was dirty, or truly scary, but it felt so off. Everything was wrong, and it didn’t feel real. The convenience store was filled with brands we didn’t recognize, there wasn’t even like Lays chips or anything. We got food, and left pretty quickly. My dad was worried about possible mercury poisoning in the water based on the way the employees were acting, so we didn’t get anything to drink and just left. We all agreed, getting back in the car, that there was something weird going on. The people didn’t feel human, the place didn’t feel real. Time passed strangely- we had been in there for almost half the day, but it only felt like half an hour or so. After our trip, we told people about the experience, laughed about it and all. We recommended to some people we knew planning to go to Washington that they go there, just to have a strange, funny experience. They tried, and told us that they didn’t find anything. They went the exact route we did, and said they stopped a few places to get food but there wasn’t a pizza place, there wasn’t any restaurant attached to a convenience store, and there wasn’t an indoor seating restaurant near the museum we went to. It just never existed. The forest around the road was undisturbed where the restaurant should have been, and it had only been a few months. There wasn’t possibly enough time for them to have completely tore down the restaurant and regrown the foliage. It made no sense. We don’t remember ever even learning the name of the pizza place, nor the convenience store- it was just nothing. We went somewhere that effectively did not exist. I still think about it a lot, because I don’t know what happened there. I was so young, but i remember it so vividly. I remember nothing else from that trip, for the most part. Just the pizza place, and especially the face of the woman behind the counter. She looked very normal, like any average minimum wage worker, but her face is burned into my mind. She was too plain, too average, and it was wrong. And I still cannot explain it. We have no clue what happened, and never will. But i genuinely believe there was something supernatural going on there… I don’t think that restaurant was supposed to exist in our world. None of the brands in the convenience store exist here, the people didn’t act how we’d expect them to ask here, and time passed differently. I don’t know. Just a very, very strange experience that will never leave my mind again.

Submitted by Key F