Uncanny Energy Biped

High Weirdness, Thin Places



I live in an over 100 year old Dutch Colonial Revival. It is on a hill, granite in the rich soil. From the front porch, there is an area with many black walnut trees, cedars, huckleberry, mulberry and black raspberry. My sister and I have referred to it as out witchy area.

As I was waiting for my sister to get home from work one night in late summer. There was a weird, electric feeling in the air. I went to the front porch and looked to the witchy area. Right by a small stand of raspberries and honeysuckle was this kind of shifting energy. It didn’t shine, it just shifted what I could see in a weird way.

Then a small, somewhat solid yet still energized in form appeared on the ground; about the size of an adult raccoon. It grew as I watched, to about 6 or 7 feet in height, from what I could tell looking at the spot later. As it reached what seemed full height it still wasn’t solid. It was almost like the black and white screen you get on a tv when it isn’t getting a signal. It was moving energy in a bipedal form.

It looked to where I was. On where it’s face would be if it where an animal (human or otherwise), it kind of… drew a smiley face. I instantly knew it wanted me to know it meant no harm (though I was filled with the knowledge that it very much could).

I don’t entirely remember what happened next.

I was inside. I had closed and locked the door. The energy was dissipating and I was tired but totally on edge.

Then, two weeks later, a heavy fog seemed to come out of nowhere. one night. Hearing my sisters car (it’s got a few, loud issues), I went to the front door to welcome her home. I thought I saw her silhouette climbing the stairs. The air was crackling again. I felt it into my heart. I lost a little time again.

The next thing I saw was my sister actually coming up the stairs. She looked a little freaked. When I asked, she said she saw something very tall and bipedal walk through the fog in front of the house. Neither of us felt fear or a need to protect ourselves. It took about five minutes (it seemed) for the energy to pass.

I warded the house again the next day. The spot where I had seen the being come into this world didn’t look or feel different from any other spot. That was two years ago and we haven’t seen anything again though there is a feeling of something being there on rare occasions.

Submitted by Jennifer J