Tijuana Fats Restaurant

Straight Up Ghosts



This large building that has housed many eateries over the years was once a family residence that caught fire and a 5-6 yr old girl named Mary died in the fire. Her footprint is seen embedded in the area surrounding the fireplace. I had experiences here as did many friends who worked here. The girl was mostly seen at children’s parties, a young blonde child in a blue dress, playful and running amongst other children, or seen hiding after hours by staff. Many new staff ran from the building at closing never to return. The bloody mary cocktail button on the bar register rung up as just “Mary” on the receipt tape. One morning at open, the staff and I found the entire receipt tape from the bar cash register scrolled out across the floor, reading “Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary” hundreds of times. I witnessed all the heavy antique overhead lights start swinging one by one, defying physics, while the heavy bottoms of the antique sewing tables all started to swing one by one, at the same time, impossibly heavy to be moved by air. This was experienced by many people. Her laughter was often heard when she was seen interrupting children’s parties and when the party was questioned, there were no blonde girls present, and when staff would hear her laugh and run down the hall after closing, and they gave chase, they would run into the main rooms to find the restaurant locked and empty.

Submitted by Marie