Thin Place at Greeley Pond

Thin Places


JUNE 1986

When I was 14 years old my father and I were hiking on the Greeley Pond Trail in the White Mountains of NH and I had a strange experience that has stuck with me to this day. We were walking along at around 10 in the morning and rounded a turn in the trail and I saw on the right hand side of the trail this odd part of the forest. The sunlight hit it in such a way that it was really bright, luminescent and super dark in the shadows. It looked like a game trail branched off from the hiking trail into this dark patch of forest. It was on the other side of a stream. The light was different on the other side of that stream. I knew whatever was over there was different or wrong or something. I didn’t know how to describe it at the time but, it frightened me. I had the feeling that if I crossed that stream and entered the dark part of the forest, I wouldn’t find my way back. I didn’t mention it to my father, because he wouldn’t understand. So I just kept walking on the hiking trail. We spent a few hours at Greeley Pond (a beautiful place by the way) and then had to hike back down. I was nervous about having to walk past that location again but, I didn’t want to say anything to my father so I just walked along like it was no big deal. When we did pass that spot the light had changed, the forest beyond wasn’t as dark. It was just a normal part of the forest. I know that something extremely odd had happened at this location at that time. I have gone back several times over the last 35 years and that place has never looked the way it did that morning hiking with my father.

Submitted by David