Small Bigfoot and More

Cryptoids, Strange Animals


MAY 2004

Description: In 2004 my mom was driving us home from a school event. We were very nearly home when we saw what I’ve described as a human-sized bipedal ape. I didn’t see much of its face. Our car was coming down a hill, with a cornfield on the right, and woodland on the left. It moved like a person and was down the bank of the field, across the road, and up the other bank into the trees in a matter of seconds. My mom stopped the car, looked at me, and asked “You saw that, right? Was that what I think it was?” Me: “A small Bigfoot? Yeah, I think so.” And then we were home and accepted it. Since then my sister has seen two other small ones. We believe they’re juveniles. Family members in that area have also reported sightings of red eyes and things going missing every once in a while. Some neighbors have reported seeing monkeys.

Submitted by A. Ziman