High Weirdness, Thin Places, Time Distortions


SEPTEMBER 25, 2018

I was driving my car past this weird convenient store (imo all the gas stations and convenient stores in east Moline are weird) on a pizza delivery, when I saw myself walking down the sidewalk.

At the time I had a shaved head but this other me had longer hair. I looked myself right in the face. But the other me didn’t see me. She just kept walking. The main reason I recognized myself is because of the sweatshirt this other me had on. It was a custom made bright yellow crew neck sweatshirt that a friend of mine had made fo me. One of a kind. And there was no way somebody else other than me was wearing it.

That was just the first time. The next time something strange happened at that very same intersection was when I saw my at the time boyfriend pull up to the light opposite of me. I was instantly very confused bc he was supposed to be on tour with a band and wasn’t even in the state. I looked intensely at him until he saw me and started waving real hard at him. He looked at me as if he didn’t know me. I had a good look at him while sitting at that red light and I am 100% sure that it was him. He was driving a green car that I had never seen before.

So I messaged him and I asked him if he was back in town and he messaged me back very confused. “No I’m in Montana”. I was just stunned. I was clearly seeing my boyfriend. Yet he was looking at me like he had no clue who I was and was claiming to be in an entirely different state.

I’ve since heard stories from a few other people recounting similar stories. People seeing themselves or other people close to them. East Moline is indeed a Strange area.

Submitted by Lillie