Semi-human Figure

Cryptoids, Straight Up Ghosts


JULY 19, 2021

My father rides his bike around the neighborhood every day usually around 6-8PM in the summer. Well, on this particular day he had left at 8 and it had gotten dark faster. Around my house there are street lights, but up the road in the less residential areas, there are no street lights and it becomes pitch black at night. My father has a head lamp he takes with him just in case and today it was useful. He rode down the road to the part where there were no streetlights, just his little lamp and saw a figure. He described it as tall, 8-10 feet tall at least. It was white,, possibly hairy, and looked semi human. When he got about 15 feet away, it ran into a ditch. One key point my dad noticed was that it reflected his light and it was silent when it ran. But, my dad at that point had been scared sh*tless so he turned around and pedaled home. After he returned home, he told us about what he had seen. My mom and I got into the car and drove to the spot he saw the figure. We didn’t see anything at first, but when we turned around my mom and I saw it running away from our car and back to the ditch. Both my parents thought it was a bigfoot type creature at first, but we figured it was most likely a ghost since it was silent when it moved.

Submitted by MM