Missing Day

Time Distortions


MAY 14, 2021

The park across the street from Stephen F Austin Middle School has some strange energies. This specific story (out of many instances I have had there) is about time loss. And a great deal of it. There is a park bench that is close to the neighboring church that I will never sit at again due to this. I had went there with somebody for lunch on a Sunday afternoon and we sat at this specific bench to eat. Once we were done, we wanted to sit outside and enjoy the weather, which we did. Mind you, we were there around a usual lunch time in the spring, around 1PM. We noticed the sun going down quicker than usual, and attributed this to be from us enjoying our time that we had just lost track of it. When the sun fully went down, we decided to leave and go back to a friend’s house. Once we got there, they were relieved to see us. Apparently we had been gone for an entire 24 hours or more. I checked my phone to see that it was around 8PM on Monday, and I had missed school entirely. I had several missed calls from people, wondering where I was. To this day, nobody truly believes that we were just having lunch at this park bench and ended up being there for over 24 hours. We felt no sleep deprivation or anything that typically comes with being awake for that long. The confusion and disorientation from this even lasted quite a while, and thinking about it still gives me chills.

Submitted by Rowena