Lincoln Park Weirdness

Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Time Distortions


JULY 6, 2021

Walking into Lincoln park from the northwest corner of the park I went with 2 other friends to skateboard. I smelt a strong methane gas, which no one had I found out afterwards! I sat on the picnic table waiting for people to think so I can climb into the trees right there to pee The lat, and long I gave. After I peed I went to climb out by going up towards the trail since I had shorts on all of a sudden it got very dark and very quiet so dark I couldn’t see the water or more then a foot in front of me , after 10 minutes I yelled how do I get out of here! I heard a reply a woman’s voice which said we can’t tell you! Which really pissed me off so I start yelling my friends that went with me their names while also going east and south. Then i hear a loud charging sound heading towards me not charging from the ground but from tree to tree I look to my right see what appears to be an outlining of 4 people I toss the last of my water towards them and still hear bye charging meanwhile fireworks are going off and my friends where yelling at the entrance area I’m not hearing anything I’ve been in the dark grabbing branches not there getting cut up this large sounding mystery thing is charging at me it’s been 1.5 hours plus I decided to hurt myself at where the charging noise is coming from and going Southeast I should have been way out of lincoln park, and yet, I finish my tumble at the very beginning where I went up to go and pee! I walk back to my car with one shoe missing cuts all over as soon as im close enough i drop to the ground not able to drive or do anything not understanding or knowing how to explain by any means , the female friend and her boyfriend said they both looked up at the woods and then where like no that seens creepy way creepy tonight I drink 7 bottle waters 2 gaterades a slurpee and eat several popcycles , and I hear weird and see weird things when I get by woods and the dak street lights keep the woods and me distant, sometimes I go in the woods knifes out sledge hammer ready!! And the most bizarre is I do not believe in supernatural, ghost, hauntings or that kind of thing I just can’t make sense of this, is there anything you might know or anyway I can understand this?

Submitted by Kristoffer M