Haven 64

Visions, Dreams, Etc.


FALL 2016

I was in 6th grade when I had a dream that I’ve always just called ‘Haven 64’, The dream started with me and my family going into a hotel called Haven 64. The lobby had like a golden light everywhere, there was a huge chandelier in the ceiling. My parents went to the desk to check in, and I noticed that there was a hallway. I started to go down it. It was long and dark and skinny, there were a bunch of doors on each side of the wall, all boarded up. Eventually I reached the end of the hallway. The last door at the end of the hallway was on the left side, and it was cracked open. Light was coming out of it.
I opened the door, and on the floor I saw almost all of my friends sitting on the floor, playing cards. They looked up at me and I saw that they were skeletons.
A door appeared at the very end wall of the hallway and I ran out of it, my skeleton friends chasing me. I was running outside, down a block in what looked like a stereotypical suburban middle class neighborhood. Everything had that same kind of goldenish tint to it that it did in the lobby of the hotel.
Suddenly my best friend, who wasn’t a skeleton and also wasn’t in the group I saw playing cards appeared next to me like they had been running with me the whole time. They told me to run and to save myself, so I did.
I turned the corner, and I saw a father and son playing catch. They turned to me, their faces were skeletons too, and that’s when I woke up.
The next day at school I told my best friend about the dream, and they told me that they had the same dream, except for that they were in my place, and I was the one who told them to run and save themself.
I’ve fallen out of contact with my friend, but I’ve always tried to do research about Haven 64, and to see if it’s a real hotel or place or if anyone else has had this dream. I’ve found nothing of interest, other than that there’s a graveyard called Haven 64 in the Netherlands.

Submitted by Eden