Farrenburg Lights

Classic UFO, High Weirdness



The Farrenburg Lights are a strange light phenomena witnessed by many in the local communities since the late 1800s. Strange blue and green tennis ball sized lights can be seen travelling quickly in and out of the trees along a field road. Teens frequently drive out to watch from a distance. Vehicles brave enough to approach have been darted at, followed, and felt vibrations strong enough to be mistaken for an earthquake. The vibrations are thought to be emanating directly from the balls of light and only seem to affect that particular vehicle. There seems to be no pattern or reasoning to their appearances; they simply appear some nights and not on others. Some attribute it to marsh gases, as there is a rather large fault line in the area that travels adjacent to the Mississippi River. A professor at Southeast Missouri State University launched a research program in the 1970s that linked this light phenomena with a UFO crash that occurred nearby in the 40s. His findings suggested that the lights may be alien in nature and that alien encounters seem to sometimes be focused near fault lines, rivers, and military installations; all three of which were present within a short distance of the location.

Submitted by Jacki