Witch’s Bridge

Classic UFO, High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts



There is an infamous bridge on the outskirts of Grand Island, Nebraska called “Witch’s Bridge”. The bridge is infamous to the locals of the town for its creepy backstory and hauntings while visiting the bridge late at night. There have been some abhorrent activity that has taken place on this bridge, car crashes, explosions, and the killings of witches. At the end of the bridge, there lived an alleged witch. The townspeople found out about her and burned her and multiple other witches at the stake on this bridge. There was also allegedly a woman who dropped her baby into the river beneath the bridge. She never stopped looking and eventually died looking for her baby. After visiting this bridge multiple times, I can confirm that it definitely has an ominous vibe to it. You always have to visit at night if you want a creepy experience though. There is a legend that if you park your car in the middle of the bridge, it will shut off and there have been reports of hearing a woman sobbing. I have also heard stories from friends about them seeing UFOs in the sky.

Submitted by Samantha