Trucker Hat Man

Straight Up Ghosts


1990 (APPROX.)

Husband & I both saw a man in a trucker hat, red & blue plaid shirt in the hallway of our home multiple times. He was there and then gone in the blink of an eye. One night I woke in dream paralysis and he was standing at the foot of my bed. He made eye contact and began to apologize. He seemed confused. I was finally able to scream and awoke in a puddle of sweat and marks on the bed like I had been on fire. When we moved out I found a packet of photos in the bottom of the built in china cabinet. The first picture was of the lady who sold us the house. The second picture was THE MAN IN THE TRUCKER HAT & PLAID SHIRT. She had told us her husband died but mentioned several times, “He did NOT die in the house” I put the pictures back where they were so I have no proof.

Submitted by Clare