Blue Circular Beam

Classic UFO


DECEMBER 27, 2008

It was winter of 2008, life on the rez consisted of driving an hour into town at Gallup, NM. It was a normal light snowing night, we had just left the movies back to home with groceries. We dont have thermostats and relied on firewood and a traditional fire stove at the time. Abruptly woken from my parents sent my older sister and I to collect wood for the stove. While both my parents carried in my two younger siblings while there were tiny and asleep too. Upset that i was sent out so late fought but hastily collected the wood from under the tarp. Just a few feet from my parents place, walked toward the house with full hands and I dropped a few because it was heavy and I was a kid. Both my sister and I collected without any words exchanged bc we fought and seen a blue circular beam around us, not like projected just on the ground. We looked up at the same time not a second less and ran inside forgetting our wood. We had a spot light for our wood but was broken for months. This is my story.

Submitted by Anonymous