Thanksgiving UFO

Classic UFO


NOVEMBER 23, 2012

It was Thanksgiving night around 11:15pm in 2012. My husband and I had a friend over for Thanksgiving dinner and we were all hanging out talking for several hours. My husband goes out our front door to have a smoke and no sooner did he walk out there, that he walked back in the door and said, “You guys need to come out here right now”. We were like, “Why, what’s out there” and he said, “just come out here right now you have to see this.” So we did. Over the hills, looking straight out from our front door were a series of perfectly round, orange orbs hovering. We’ve seen Chinese lanterns previously (not around here, but elsewhere) and these were not Chinese lanterns. The thing that immediately stood out to us, was that they were all in a perfectly straight line above the hills, and originally, stationary. After a few minutes, they started moving – first 2 would go out of alignment to the right, then move back into a straight line. Then another 2. They would do different patterns. This went on for a good 15 minutes. I think we had iPhone 4s at the time and tried to take pictures as video wasn’t coming out (you can see them as dots in the photo). This was before the time of people having drones as well. After a little while longer, the lines got into a line again and then one by one simply disappeared.

Submitted by SJH