Purdy Split

Straight Up Ghosts


APRIL 30, 2021

Anyone who’s driven the Purdy Split has inevitably muttered to themselves how dangerous this stretch of sandbar-turned-bridge road is. After talking with the locals, I have a few different items of lore to share regarding this location: –

  1. There has been the spirit of a little boy witnessed by multiple people. He darts across the road, causing the driver to take drastic measures to miss him. Once they are stopped, no little boy can be seen!
  2. A long-term resident under the bridge was killed in a hit-and-run on the split. H was known by locals as “Moon Man”.
  3. There’s reports of an adult male committing suicide under the bridge by means of hanging, due to losing custody of his children. No records have been found to authenticate this…yet.

Submitted by Liminal Ambassador Bex