Multiple Apparitions

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts



I’ve seen multiple apparitions and heard and seen strange things in my house and neighborhood over the years. (I’ve lived in different houses on this same street my entire adult life.) The first one being in the home in the stated address. I was home alone pregnant and taking a shower when I heard a young boys laughter as if he was right outside of the window (that was open) or right inside of it I’m not sure which if I’m honest. I left the house and waited outside in a towel until my spouse came back home hours later. The next time I saw a shape which fix my adopted mother’s late father (who built that house) walking through the orange trees in the dark misty distance. The next time was when we moved into our current home across the road from there. I saw the apparition of a child skip through our hallway and assumed it was one of my own children. When I got up to check on them they were both sound asleep on the couch and neither was wearing the light colored clothes I had seen skip by before. After that I saw and heard a woman go by in the same hallway and light sage and lavender in a panic. Next came the most recent apparition who was seen in the middle of the day. I saw her in perfect detail braided hair and all walking with a decent speed down and around the corner. She was very pale and dusty looking so I had a feeling and jumped up to chase after her to see if I had seen someone or not and she was gone. After that my eight year old and I have both experienced our antique music box going off at 2am that was on a shelf up high no one had touched in atleast 2 years and the night after that the light in the kitchen turned on by it’s self after she had just turned it off and sat on the couch. That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’ll update if anything else happens here.

Submitted by Kandiss