Multicolored UFO

Classic UFO


JULY 5, 2021

So I joined the club finally … of crappy UFO photographers … This dude came in from the northwest at around 1.00 AM July 5 2021 … it flew in with a very bright red light … I thought a plane, then it sat there at the same spot for about 20 minutes … it alternated between a bright red … in comparison Venus size – to a very bright green or light blue – in between it blinked in intervals of circa 2 seconds, and then back to a steady bright red or green and back to the blinking … about a hand above the horizon with arm stretched out, a little more west of northwest from my balcony in the southern part of Örebro, Sweden. It flew in, I’m sure and then stopped, it didn’t move like the background stars, I had one other star to the left, it moved slightly … no sound at all … it dimmed at times as if it was caught behind some clouds, there were high thin ones at the spot, quite high up, I assume it was behind them … then it came back to a very bright light. … I went out to recheck at circa 1.40 AM local time, nothing there then …

Submitted by Patrik