Mount Moriah Cemetery

Straight Up Ghosts



I was taking a self-guided tour of this famous cemetery. Several groups of tourists there had come off of tour buses, but I had walked away from the crowds down a dirt path, about 50 yards from the graves of Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane. I heard a man behind me say “Excuse me!” in that tone of voice strangers use when they want to ask a question or maybe draw your attention to something. I turned around, but no one was there. The voice had sounded no more than six feet behind me. The area right there was flat and there’s no way someone could have said that and then jumped out of sight. I looked all the way back down the path to where the tour groups were. No one was looking in my direction, but even so, they were too far away to have spoken to me so clearly and loudly. Later in the day I noticed that I had lost my hotel key. I got the weird feeling that maybe a ghost had tried to politely let me know that my key had dropped while I was walking around the cemetery. Only a theory, though.

Submitted by T.M.