Lodge Energies

Thin Places



After a meeting in our Lodge building, which is 90 years old, I was informed a light was on in the bar area one floor below. As a trustee it’s my responsibility to insure the lights are all off and the building locked before leaving. At the bar, a cork board behind the bar with a string of white lights surrounding it was on. There’s a switch on the back of the cork board that turns off the light. I thought our janitor just forgot to turn it off when he cleaned up after a wedding that weekend. The next morning he called me and asked what I was doing around the bar before leaving. I said the light was on behind the bar, the lights around the cork board and I turned it off. He said that’s not all. There’s a security camera above the bar and the video it recorded was spooky. The cork board light, according to the camera timeline, might have turned on when a ” V” shaped orb of light was caught on camera entering camera view landing on the bar, splitting to a “Y” shape and jumped off the bar and appeared to go down through the floor in front of the bar. The light was back on again when he arrived for work that morning.

Submitted by Leland F