Kitchen Ghost

Straight Up Ghosts


2018 (APPROX.)

This is a truly haunting and otherworldly experience that I will never forget.I was about seven years old at the time.I was the only person who was awake in the house.Back then,like a lot of little kids,I was afraid of the dark.It also happened to be that my bedroom was right next to the kitchen.So my bedroom door had to be open and the lights in the kitchen had to be on.So,on this particular night,it was about 1AM in the morning,and I couldn’t sleep.It wasn’t because I had stayed up too late,or that I had to much sugar,or something like that.No,it was I had this….feeling.The kind of feeling you get when you know deep down,that something is off.That all is not well.I would,and still do,get that feeling a lot.And usually,it would be pretty accurate. And,usually,it wouldn’t lead to anything good.So I was having trouble sleeping because I had those weird vibes, and for about 2 hours I had my eyes closed,desperately trying to shake off those vibes, when suddenly the thought of opening up my eyes and looking into the kitchen crossed my mind.I don’t know why I did that, perhaps It was a guardian Angel telling me to look into the kitchen.And with good reason to as well.I peaked out from under the blankets into the kitchen.And there,in the kitchen, was this figure.From what I can recall, she had the appearance of a little girl, about the same age as me.But her eyes simply weren’t there,just void-like holes where they should have been.I wanted to scream,but I couldn’t.She then disappeared.I told my self that I had imagined her,since I was so sleepy.And that’s what I had believed for a very long time.Until,about three years later,when we had moved out of that home,I was sitting outside my house on the porch at about 6PM reading a book.And in case you want to know,it was daylight savings so I could still read,thankyouverymuch.And I looked up from my book,and the girl with no eyes was just standing there.I knew this wasn’t any old coincidence,and just as I was about to say something,she disappeared.

Submitted by Ivy