Emerald Heights Apartments Entity

Cryptoids, Straight Up Ghosts


APRIL 23, 2017

So, Ive had tons of experiences, but this haunts me most still. Our apartment was set up as follows; enter front door, youre in the living room which is also the dining room, about 10 ft forward you turn left, to the left of that is the kitchen and to the right is a hallway with all the rooms. The first two on the left are my brothers room and the bathroom. All the way back was my parents room, and to the right was the room I shared with my sisters. Well, my younger sister(14) and I (16) were sitting in our room with the door open. All the lights were off since it was night and we were watching tv on my IPod. I dont know what is was, but I got this urge to look up and in the hallway was this creature Im not sure I really know how to describe. Its body looked like a persons, Im sure if it stood itd be 6-7 feet tall, but it was pure white and translucent, you could see the darkness behind it through its skin. It was skinny, you could see every bone in its twisted body. The way it moved is really what frightens me; it was like it was doing a back bend and it moved slowly down the hall like that. I wasnt sure what to do, but then it looked at us. It wasnt a slow movement either, one second its looking into the darkness of my parents room and the next its making eye contact with me. There was no face, just two, glowing white, sunken orbs I can only assume were its eyes. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out, i was frozen in fear. And then it scurried into my parents room. It took a second before i was able to move again, but when I looked at my sister to ask if she’d seen it, I didnt have to say a thing, she looked petrified. I dont know what that was or where it went. Ive never seen it again since then

Submitted by Moss