Dark Room Hypnagogia

Visions, Dreams, Etc.



So I have trouble falling asleep sometimes and on several occasions while seemingly slipping off into sleep I open my eyes and see things in a totally dark room. Once it was five frogs hanging by their front legs from the curtain rod and one did a flip around the rod and let go. I immediately snapped fully awake. The next occasion I saw a waving rainbow of color streaming through the room and said aloud what and tried to touch it but awoke fully instead to a dark room. A later occasion I saw a person standing beside my bed which frightened me and I immediately wanted to defend myself and instead awoke to a dark room. The last time was seeing a baby’s hand and arm dangling in front of my face which left me wondering a long time about that one. Several other visions I had I would exclaim what the hell was that. I thought about these things for awhile realizing I was somewhere between sleep and awake and my brain must be inventing these images but for sure my eyes were open and I was fully aware of what I was seeing but I was not awake until I felt startled, fear or awe of what I was seeing. It was weird to say the least and I now expect to experience this when trouble falling asleep.

Submitted by Leland F