Lonely Shoes

High Weirdness



My then-girlfriend (now wife) and I were driving along talking about the “one shoe by the side of the road” phenomenon. Everyone is familiar with that phenomenon, right? Every once in a while you just see one shoe by the side of the road. What’s it doing there? Why just the one shoe? Why didn’t anyone go back for it? Why shoes? Why don’t you ever see a random pair of pants, or a suitcase or something? Why always one shoe? Well, I don’t know what got us on the topic to begin with, but we’re mid-conversation on this topic when we turn east off of North Memorial Parkway onto University Drive. And what do we see by the side of the road but — not a single shoe, but three pairs of shoes, a man’s, a woman’s, and a child’s, neatly side by side.

Submitted by Frank