Guardian Fox

Strange Animals



My friends and I often hang out at our local creek, looking for old bottles and what not to pass time before dinner. It was after one of these afternoons that I was walking home through a bit of bush towards where I lived, when I started getting the feeling that I was being watched/followed. I noticed this man walking somewhat towards me but at a distance and it creeped me out, so I started walking in the complete opposite direction of home and towards where there was a busy road. It was there that I saw what looked like a fox. Only, it was pure white and seemed to be slightly glowing. I’m not sure how to describe the feeling it gave me, only that it felt like it was here to watch over me. I don’t usually believe in spirit animals or guides, but in that moment it felt like that creature was purply waiting for me to see it/ had been waiting for me for a while. It’s really weird too, because later that week there was a bit of gossip going around at my school that there was paedophile living in one of the streets I usually walk through to get home, and that sometimes he follows young females for a few blocks. Maybe the fox was there as a warning or something?

Submitted by Noah W