Carlton Block Pizzeria

Straight Up Ghosts


MAY 8, 2021

yesterday I went to the Carlton Block Pizzeria in Wilkeson, formerly the Carlton Hotel established in the nineteen hundreds. I was waiting for my order reading a book when A loud crashing sound rang out in the restaurant. . Everyone in the restaurant got a little startled. I at first assumed it was a book fallen off the bookshelf. It wasn’t. I was really confused. Later I thought that maybe some body might have accidentally knocked something down. No one had dropped anything in the kitchen so it was super weird for me. Finally I noticed a picture had fallen of a ledge on a wall no one else was near it though and it was previously no where near the edge.. I picked up the photograph, it depicted the fire that had burned much of the town. The picture just fell down with no one around it. Later I did some research and it turns out that the wall behind the photograph used to be where the owner Gus Carlton operated an illegal bar during prohibition. I totally think the place has some ghosts.

Submitted by Hannah