Buckner Building

Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places, Time Distortions



Very popular place with locals and ghost hunters, had a personal experience during summer (2019) two friends and myself went to explore through a side window over a balcony, ended up entering into the cafeteria/dining area? Split up to take pictures and explore but immediately started hearing people where there wasn’t any, catching shadows in corners and hearing living sounds like dishes clinking and doors closing. Met back up where we had entered and all had the same experiences, and none of us dared to use any of the stairwells because we all felt an “overwhelming sense of dread” when we tried. Got back out asap. Didn’t find anything interesting in any of the pictures taken but a video I tried to take later showed as being corrupted looking all glitchy almost like I’d dropped my phone but it was fine.

Submitted by Sage C