Blackout Terrors

Dark Forces, Straight Up Ghosts



This was my home for a long period of time, it was bought by my parents and had green carpeting and a creepy vibe from the getgo, the basement always felt like things were watching you as you ran upstairs and very frequently at night we would all hear things running around upstairs and laughter, I also very frequently heard my name being called. When the blackout happened was when all hell broke lose, literally. I could feel a dark force in my room, something tried to open my parents Locked door and when they were unable to access into there where both my parents and my brother were sleeping, they came for me. Shooky bed violently, waking me up and then when I asked it to stop I saw red eyes and felt it coming for me. This house I feel is a portal of some kind honestly. We would all hear and see figures at random times, I had the flu once and was sleeping in my mom’s room and saw a dark figure just walk past me and out of the room.

Submitted by SpookyQueen22