Bird-masked Entity at Saint-Barthélémy

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

During the month of June 2018, the private primary school of Notre-Dame de Joie held one last event before definitive closure after 149 years of activity. The complex being comprised of three buildings, the first two being made respectively circa in 1890 and 1950 plus an additional building built around 2010. The construction of the last building being extremely expensive made it impossible for the two oldest buildings to get any renovation, letting them slowly crumble due to the absence of isolation in the roof and overall absence of heating, making it more and more dangerous for children to stay within.

Shortly after the closure, the neighborhood began to witness a frail, dark form wandering around the building at night before the lampposts turned off. With time the entity continued to manifest and somehow managed to get inside the building. On the night between the 12 and 13 of September 2019, the sound of a door being closed could be heard, followed by a dim light moving behind every window. The phenomenon lasted for about 4 hours, from 10pm to 2am. Witnesses later described a humanoid entity wearing a frilled shirt with suspenders on black pants, along curly, long blond hairs. The most curious feat of the entity was their larval* mask resembling a bird from the Halcyon [*Ed. note: Kingfisher] family. The creature was thus named Halcyon Haunts.

Later investigations revealed the presence of various masks hanging above the doors of most doors within the two older buildings. It appear that those masks are able to cause a slight yet consistent feeling of nostalgia in those who look at them in their empty orbits. One of the 12 masks found was the one of the entity, left on a condemned fireplace. The mask was disposed of. — On the day of Halloween, the 31th of October 2019, the door of the workshop at the back of the oldest building was found open, as well as all the drawers. Two cassettes were found inside. While one of them was an ordinary cassette with two comical films, the second one is comprised of an half scratched off tag, on which is written with a red pen “Autant en apporte le vent” a misspelled translation of the film “Gone with the wind” now saying “Whatever the wind may bring”.

The cassette seem to permanently surround the room with a light breeze. Still no sighting of the entity. — Somewhere between March and April 2020, an individual broke in and turned the place into his hiding place. He was removed after causing troubles to the neighborhood. No sighting of the entity. The individual is confirmed not to have any link or knowledge of the entity. The 28 of October 2020 the entity appeared again, apparently wearing a new mask, slightly different in appearance to the older one. The entity replaced all the masks that were removed and added another one, making them 13.

Additionally, the Halcyon left a note on a blackboard, confirming it is self-aware and able to read and write. The message left by the entity was : “Enjoy the digestion of memory, and the teeth of time.” The masks were all removed when another break-in was made, multiple furnitures were taken outside and burned on the ground. In response, the Mayor decided to close down most entry points using corrugated iron and nails. Like the previous break-in, no link with the entity has been made. Due to it’s passive behavior, Halcyon tend to be considered as a kind of guardian of memory, while some citizens still sees it as a malevolent creature due to the multiple break-in at this same place. As of this date, no clear sighting of the entity has been officially made again. *Unfinished, white mask waiting for completion. Most of the time their shape and emotion traits are already carved and are waiting for colors.

Submitted by Maor B-G