The Catfish Plantation

Straight Up Ghosts


The Catfish Plantation is a restaurant famous for their ghost sightings. I went there a few times from 2009-2011 as a child. The videos and pictures I took were unfortunately deleted when my phone was wiped, but you have my word. There are many stories, but here are mine: -doors rattling & doorknobs turning by themselves. I thought the door was jammed and someone was behind it, but when I opened the door, no one was on the other side. This happened twice. -I took many pictures in the ladies restroom (which have since been deleted). In one photo, a visible face shape was visible. It appeared as a flash of light, and there was a blurry profile of a woman’s face. The hair was in a bun hairstyle, and a neck collar was visible. There were also strange flashes of light in some of the pictures I took. -My friend and I played Bloody Mary in the bathroom mirror. I video recorded on my iPhone while my friend used their phone screen as a flashlight. When my friend tilted their phone, two eyes and the side of a face in between the two of us was briefly illuminated by the screen. We didn’t see anything while we were playing, but noticed the face after we watched the video. This video has since been deleted, unfortunately.

Submitted by Anonymous