Shapeshifting Cat

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts

APRIL 19, 2021

My house is in a suburban neighborhood on a Hill nothing special my windows overlook a four way stop with houses on every corner . I was Just watching Netflix and my gf was asleep next to me. I had the couple windows cracked and around 3 am I hear a bunch of cats from my neighborhood start howling , that long scary sound they make . But not just one cat I could hear a couple on the side and behind my house and another couple of cats a street down. They were all doing it together or maybe talking back and forth idk I couldn’t tell. So I look out the window and I see a shadow of a person walking down my hill street towards the four way stop. I was wondering if the guy was weirded out at the sound so I stopped and looked at him longer than usual. He was just walking Then all of a sudden The guys body looked more like a shadow and he’s kind of behind a picket fence with big openings in between , I got a nervous feeling like when u see something different or scary or someone watching u , and then very smoothly that shadow kind of faded into a form and all I see is a cat appear at the end of the street. He walks across the street and then just stops at the corner and sits there for awhile. I look up at a window of the house across and they put up red lights in their bedroom so that caught my attention then I look a little higher in the sky and I see the moon . It was a beautiful deep yellow color with a lot of detail. I went and told my gf about the cat sound but she hardly registered my story. I went back to the window and looked at the moon and it turned red.

Submitted by Matthew