Weird White Dogs

Strange Animals


JANUARY 3, 2016

Description: It was around 1am, January freezing, and my buddy was driving me home in his truck. We were about to turn off the main road and into the deeper country but at the stop sign we spotted a group of three big white dogs (salukis, far as we can figure) standing out in a levelled field. No people outside for miles, no collars on them, but pristine as virgin snow in our headlights. They stared for an uncomfortably long time before moving on with an unnatural gate, necks bobbing low like horses. My buddy and I both recall panicking; my eyes teared up (still do when I remember), and a sense of dread clutched my stomach. Neither of us spoke for a while but later confirmed feeling we needed to get away as soon as possible, like it wasn’t supposed to be happening or like we weren’t supposed to see it. We lived in that area for a combined 10 years and never saw any white dogs like that around before or after.

Submitted by Anonymous