Lakebay Community Church

High Weirdness



I grew up in this church, the building especially the basement has very dark energy which is probably due to the graveyard nearby. The earliest graves date back to the mid 1800s. One Sunday in 2009 some other kids and I were playing hide and seek in the graveyard when we stumbled across a man fast asleep with his head on a tombstone. He seemed very disoriented when we woke him, and kept repeating “Have you seen my father? I am looking for him”.

Our pastor called 911 and the cops soon arrived to escort the man to his house across the street. They explained that his name was Henry, he had early dementia and his father had died of a heart attack five years ago. The grave that he had spent the night on was his father’s grave. The incident still haunts me to this day. I still have nightmares about the building, there is something sinister about the energy there. The graveyard is up the hill from the church and hidden by trees but easy to access.

Submitted by FiliSeverus